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Hey guys!

Dominik Vagner

My name is Dominik (Dom for short) and I’m currently a university student with a huge passion for cars. I have had a passion for cars ever since I was a toddler whether that be playing with toy model cars to playing motorsport simulator games. I have developed this passion for cars and the automotive industry through games, societies, events and by making it into an integral part of my life… I’ve been watching and going to Formula 1 races ever since I’ve been 7 years old and am currently the admin of my own personal car photography page (@domovagx)

The Ultimate Goal

My goal for this website is to combine my passion of cars and skills in photography, digital skills, web design and commercial awareness to create a platform where petrol heads, motorsport fans and passionate enthusiasts alike can socialise, engage and enjoy content.

This platform will include anything from current news in the automotive world to car parts online and DIY videos all the way till motorsport content. My aim is for this to be a joint investment where you as the audience have the ability to provide feedback on anything at all in order to make this platform truly successful and tailored to your needs.


Since I have been developing my passion for cars since a young age, I obviously encountered some problems along the way, most notably the lack of resources and opportunities to network (especially being a young teenager). Therefore I had this idea of making it easier for other people alike to develop their passion for cars by drawing upon the issues I had encountered back when I was a young teenager trying to enter the world of cars and automobiles.

This platform and website would (hopefully) solve all those issues and would be THE place to go to whenever you need anything related to cars (whether that be car parts, DIY videos or just a better understanding of cars).

If you have any questions regarding this platform, my story or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me! I’m all ears guys! I am hoping for this journey to be truly enjoyable and prosperous which will be achieved with the help of you guys! I

Thanks and all the best guys,

Dominik (Dom),
Founder of Petrol Rev

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