CarGuys Premium Super Cleaner: Best Car Interior Cleaner 2019

Car Guys Premium Super Cleaner

Choosing the right product for your car’s interior can be quite tricky. As car enthusiasts, we only want the best products for our cars. In this article I will be reviewing the CarGuys Premium Super Cleaner meant for all interior surfaces; whether that be leather, textile or even alcantara. I’ll also tell you what to watch out for when picking products for your car.

Price: $17 (currently only available in the US)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Guarantee: 100% Money Back if not happy with results
Rating: 4 out of 5
What’s included:

  • 18 Ounce bottle of Car Guys Premium Super Cleaner (about 530ml)
  • Microfiber towel

Some other key features worth mentioning are that it’s been engineered by professional detailers with nano-technology (which we know is an incredible piece of tech from a previous review I made on a paint protection kit). This super cleaner is also environmentally friendly and you can use it on most surfaces in and outside of your car (other than your paint, of course) which makes this little bottle extremely versatile!

More about versatility…

This little bottle can be used on most interior material which includes: metal, leather, alcantara, rubber, plastic, vinyl, wood trims, carpet and so much more… NOT many cleaners are capable of such versatility! The reason behind this extreme versatility is partly due to the impressive nano-technology in it which allows to clean the surface at a molecular level and not purely for aesthetics. Another reason is due to the carefully picked chemicals that are known not to harm and leave marks on certain materials.

Premium price for a premium product

The premium super cleaner is a bit more expensive than many other products in the market however for the extra few dollars you get a product with expertly engineered chemicals, nano-technology and versatile for many surfaces within your car. In the long run, you have a product which won’t leave streaks in your car or harm you health (more in the next few sections) compared to a regular, supermarket car cleaner which may often include some of the chemicals that may harm you and your health. Not to mention you receive a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results. Now… that’s premium service!

Some good reviews…

“Great product. Saved my plastics! I purchased a new Honda Pilot. Bought first the paint sealant. Stupid me who didn’t bother to read the instructions applied it on all black plastics too. It caused a severe white haze swirling that even alcohol applied wouldn’t remove it. Washing scrubbing w soap did nothing. Pics below…

“This cleaner completely removed the sealer from the plastics I used a non-abrasive scrubber scrubbed away and wiped off the haze. Truly amazing stuff. It works!! Thanks for restoring my plastics guys!!”

and some bad….

“First of all, as a cleaner it’s not bad. It did great on non-glossy surfaces – leather, vinyl, canvas etc. – but seemed to not do so hot on glossy trim type surfaces or mirrors. It leaves a residue that isn’t by itself appealing…”

Unfortunately, the bottle was cracked along it’s side, and about a third of the solution was soaked into the microfiber towel, way more than you need. I lsot a bit down the sink when I first caught it, but managed to salvage the last third into a different bottle for future use. The bottle isn’t packaged in a way that would keep it safe from banging… They need to consider better external packaging for their product to keep it safe”

What to look out for when picking car cleaner products

If this review hasn’t convinced you to pay the extra for a premium product then fair enough, here’s a little list of chemicals to watch out for! Many car cleaner manufacturers try and add chemicals which will be able to get rid of that stain or streak in the short term but may counterintuitevely stain or damage the material or even your own health in the long run.

Here are some of the chemicals to look out for when trying to get yourself a car interior cleaner:

  • Phosphates are naturally occuring within sedimentary or igenous rocks, however, this specific chemical compound creates an environment in which aquatic organisms may flourish (e.g. algae). You wouldn’t really want to see algae growing on your seat, would you?
  • Methanol as we know, is a derivative of alcohol which is why you might smell in some window cleaners. Methanol is a toxic chemical compound which WILL ruin your interior, especially leather.
  • Kerosene- used predominantly in jet engines, are highly flamable liquids seen used as lighter fluid or fuel for lamps.
  • n-propoxy propanol is another alcohol (thus the -ol suffix) which can react similarly to methanol and may create adverse health effects when inhaled or exposed to.
  • Teflons and fluropolymers are man-made chemicals which are virtually indestructible and are sources of human carcinogens such as Perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA. This makes it a very harmful compound for humans.

Final Verdict

The Car Guys Premium Super Cleaner is a great product if you’re looking for something that will really clean through the interior and even exterior of your cars to make it shine. It makes use of great engineering and technology to deliver on it’s promise. Countless testimonial accounts have said that the product works wonders whereas others haven’t had the best of luck – which is completely up to the type of material that it is used on. It does happen! No product is perfect.

I must admit, it is the fault of Car Guys to market it as though it is able to clean virtually every surface, but if it weren’t for that bold tactic then less people would have given it a chance. Regardless, it is a great product and if you aren’t happy with it, you can always return it and receive 100% of your money back. I give this a 4 out of 5 on the basis that the product lives up to the premium price tag, however it lacks in places such as inaccurate marketing or poor packaging.

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