Color N Drive Protection Kit: A Worthwhile Investment?

Color N Drive 9H Car Ceramic Coating Protection Kit

Color N Drive

Price: £45
Cheapest place to buy:
Guarantee: 100% Money Back guarantee
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
What’s Included:

  • 150ml Pre Treatment
  • 50ml Ceramic Coating
  • 2 coated sponges
  • Spreading cloth
  • Polishing Microfiber cloth
  • Gloves

Product Overview

With ceramic coating and paint protection being very hot topics in the car detailing world today, I thought it might be a good idea to review a great consumer example that even you can DIY in your driveway! This extremely simple and effective ceramic coating protection kit is a great way to protect the paint job of your pride and joy without investing in expensive car detailing workshops. Instead, you can bypass the detailer and head right to it!

The basic and most fundamental function of this ceramic coating kit is to protect your paint job against small scratches, rocks, UV light fading, dirt and other particles – microscopic or not! The ceramic coating kit acts as a 2-in-1 protection and wax for the paint job creating this impeccable deep gloss affect once it settles in. It also has water repelling abilities which allow for your car to look perfect even in terrible weather conditions! Now enough of the technical features, I know you’re just waiting for the review so let’s get right into it!

P.S.: If you’re applying the ceramic coating to your whole vehicle, I DO RECOMMEND attempting it with someone else as it will make the delicate process a lot shorter and saving you the hassle of stressing with time and uneven applications!

State of the Art: Nano Technology

 Water Repelling propertiesHydrophobic abilities of Nano-technology allows for water repelling and protection 

Firstly I want to delve into the fantastic nano technology included in the ceramic protection kit which is truly revolutionary and slowly becoming a standard in the car detailing industry!

If you don’t know what nano-technology is then in plain simple English nano-technology comprises of really small particles (even thinner than a human hair) which creates all the perks and effects that you see on products with nano-technology such as it’s repelling and protection abilities. For those who love numbers and a sense of scale, the ceramic coating end ups being about 4-6 μ thin as a result of the nano-tech.

The 9H Nano Technology is highly durable and claims that it can last up to 5 years with delicate care. The perks of this special ‘9H Nano-tech’ is that it is hydrophobic basically meaning it is water resistant and any moist substances resulting in that cool water repelling effect you see in so many of those ads where the water droplets roll right off the paint of the car. This protection kit does exactly that and can keep your car clean for a lot longer due to this repelling effect. Speaking of having a clean car, the ceramic coat can actually withstand 100-150 washes before the effect starts to wear off and you should reapply the ceramic coat.

I mean realistically how many times do you wash your car during a month? once? twice? or even three times? Well if you take the latter scenario in mind, you still end up with well over 33 months that this ceramic will last for! That’s over 2 and a half years of protection and gloss!

A little expensive but money-saving in the long run!

Car DetailingApplying the Color N Drive Protection Kit could save you A LOT of money

Sure it might be a little pricey at around £45 pounds however that cost is nowhere near the £100+ price figures you will get if you have to go to a detailing workshop to get your car detailed or fixed as a result of minor scratches! It’s a great investment going forward and has certainly saved unnecessary detailing costs.

By buying this protection kit you can potentially eliminate many unnecessary costs such as:

  • Waxing
  • Paint correction
  • Car washes

These are just some costs that you can eliminate by applying the protective layer on your vehicle which not only makes your car look great but serves a very practical function!

The ceramic protection kit saves from such costs as it creates a protective layer which essentially hides and protects your car from the outside world – almost like your paint job is hiding in a little cocoon! It’s definitely worth a shot if you know you’ll be keeping your car for a while!

Glossy results: as seen by previous users

I genuinely don’t think words can describe the glossy effect (not in a cliche way but in a literal sense) and there’s no better way for me to show this than through the past experiences and reviews of a recurring user! This user has a Nitrous Blue Focus RS and has been using the Color N Drive Protection kit for a while now and is definitely satisfied with it, here are his thoughts and reviews:

“continuation of the review…

1) washed my car using snow foam and micro fibre towels to dry
2) poorboys light swirl remover
3) wash again to remove all left overs
4) wax (didn’t clay bar as my car is pretty new and doesn’t need it)
5) ceramic coat following instructions
6) top up with future armour by dodo juice which is spot on.

The beading is great, I’ve got enough to do another car as well, try and do it with someone as it takes far less time than doing it all on your own.”

Here is another photo of how stunning the protection kit actually turns out to be on his Nitrous Blue Focus RS:

Application Process:

For a video application process with step-by-step video instructions, below is the official application process video by Color N Drive themselves:

Final Verdict

I’ll keep this short and sweet: The Color N Drive 9H Car Ceramic Coating Protection Kit is a great kit for amateurs and professionals alike who are looking to do exactly what the kit implies: protect the paintjob! The nano-technology that the ceramic coat is comprised of comes with many additional characteristics such as it’s water repelling abilities, thin and protective nature and high durability which allows for some very fancy benefits! The deep gloss is also an incredible add on and gives it a nice final touch. A downsides includes the time it takes to apply it to the vehicle if you are alone which is why I strongly recommend having a friend help you with the application process so as to make the process quicker and consistent.

Overall it is a great product for a really great price which will last you for years and have your car in perfect condition!

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