Ferrari F8 Tributo: The 488 GTB Successor?

Ferrari F8 TributoAhead of the Geneva Motor Show ~ Ferrari releases the newest addition to it’s fleet – Ferrari F8 Tributo

What a surprise from Ferrari! The F8 Tributo has just been revealed ahead of it’s official reveal at the Geneva Motor Conference next week! Not only does it look great but it’s insanely fast as well, featuring some performance figures which you wouldn’t quite expect. Let’s get right into Maranello’s most recent surprise…

Most Powerful Ferrari V8 in history!

Ferrari F8 Tributo FrontWith more power and a lighter chassis, the F8 Tributo sees 100kph from a standing start in just under 3 seconds

Ferrari have really outdone themselves this this time at the performance factory! 710 hp or a 211 MPH top speed? These are just some of the figures that were revealed…

The new F8 Tributo, deemed worthy to be the 488 GTBs successor, comes with the same 3.9 liter Twin-turbo V8 (as seen with the 488 GTB) but see’s a significant power boost (around 50hp more) and along with that a drastic improvement in many of it’s performance figures. It now hosts 710hp (matching the 488 Pista), 568 pounds-feet of torque a 211 MPH top speed and a light chassis weighing just under 1330 Kgs.

This reduction in weight and boost in power gives the F8 a 0-100kph acceleration time of 2.9 seconds and just 7.8 seconds to reach 200kph. There’s no wonder that the F8 Tributo has earned the title of Ferrari’s most powerful V8 Supercar in it’s history.

Design Elements – Taking from the 488 Pista and F40?

Ferrari F8 Tributo SideThe S-Duct is a first for a Ferrari of this caliber

There’s no doubt that the F8 will be taking inspiration from it’s fellow colleagues. The F8 sees a myriad of design and functional similarities with not only it’s older brother but also some notable Ferrari classics.

The F8 takes the S-Duct from the 488 Pista seen through the rear-slanted radiators in the front end of the vehicle. Ferrari claims that the S-duct (otherwise known as the under-over airflow) increases downforce by 15 percent compared to the 488. That’s a major change as the S-duct hasn’t been used on any normal series Ferraris up until now.

Ferrari F8 Tributo BackThe F8 Tributo pays homage to the F40 and 308 GTB with the Lexan engine cover and rear headlights

Taking inspiration from it’s ancestors and owning up to it’s name, the F8 Tributo rightly pays Tribute to the F40 by using the Lexan engine cover. The F8 also supposedly takes inspiration for it’s rear tailights and the car’s wedge shape – namely from the 308 GTB. What a great move from Ferrari, paying homage to some of the most iconic cars that have shaped the vintage and modern car culture.

It’s Not a Hybrid!

Ferrari F8 Tributo Back ThirdFor some this may come as a surprise – for others a delight… No Hybrid

What’s more to say? It’s not a hybrid!

There were many speculations of a hybrid engine coming about with the rise in hybrid vehicles from other supercar manufacturers. The speculation also came from their most powerful and iconic LaFerrari which uses F1-inspired hybrid technology. Many enthusiasts were urging to know whether the F8 came with a hybrid drivetrain when it was snapped (in disguise) near Maranello last year, and now we know!

Luckily we still have a petrol engine doing all the work…

New Tech + New Power = …?

Ferrari F8 Tributo InteriorNew tech makes the new Ferrari even easier to handle than previous generations

The tech that car manufacturers come up with nowadays never ceases to amaze me. I’m speaking about the tech that enhances the overall performance of supercars such as the F8!

As we all know, Ferrari isn’t especially known for it’s maximum driver involvement and manual interaction but rather for making the experience easier to reach for most if not all of their customers. This means that Ferrari put thousands of hours into developing the right technology to make their cars more adaptable to the customer. This isn’t new with the F8 where they updated the Side Slip Angle Control (SSAC) and the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) available in Race Mode. Ferrari claims this will “make performance on limit easier to reach and control for greater number of drivers”.

If you don’t quite know what these systems do, well it’s quite simple: The SSAC is in charge of the “drift attitudes” (otherwise known as minor oversteer) and the FDE is responsible for simultaneous braking to ensure minimal countersteer.

Conclusion ~ Opinion

F8 Tributo LogoThe F8 Tributo stands by it’s name by paying homage to one of the greatest cars in history

Overall the F8 Tributo seems like a great addition to the Ferrari Collection! Ferrari is clearly taking a step in the right direction with it’s newer cars, focusing on performance and driveability whilst keeping comfort and safety in mind. Although at first the design of the F8 Tributo didn’t strike me as a great looking car, it’s looks have definitely grown on me (especially when seeing the features that have been taken from previous models).

Albeit self-explanatory, Tributo means Tribute in Italian and the car definitely stands by it’s name by paying homage to a couple of great classics from the last century whilst keeping modern ideals in mind. With it’s performance figures and the new tech onboard, the Ferrari F8 Tributo is definitely one to look out for next week at the Geneva Motor Show!

Are you excited for the Geneva Motor Show? If so, what are you most excited about? Comment below and I’ll be sure to reply!




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